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Marshmellow fudge cake

otherwise known as elephant poos
10th December 2028 9:31AM
The last piece...

Banana Cake

This cake stays a bit flat and really moist
20th December 2026 10:51PM

Daves Date cake

Not the healthiest cake in the world but good for a cake or a pudding

31st December 2025 11:18AM

Carrot Cake

This cake has to have the filling in the middle to make it really delicious
1st December 2025 5:12PM

Spicy Apple Shortcake

This is really a dessert. - Nice with icecream or yoghurt but also good as a cake for leftovers
8th May 2023 5:05PM

Pineapple Christmas Cake

This is from Alison Holst's Cooking for Christmas which is a great little book
18th November 2006 12:08PM

Takaka Ginger Crunch

21st August 2006 9:13PM

Tamahere Lemon Cake

10th December 2005 9:39AM

Happy birthday chocolate cake

20th September 2005 11:05PM

Spry birdseed bars

20th September 2005 10:57PM

Freda's Fruity chews

tim thinks these are yummy
20th September 2005 10:56PM

Chocolate chippy biscuits

Condensed Milk Biscuits - Choc chip biscuits
Even Tim can make these really well
20th September 2005 10:54PM


20th September 2005 10:53PM