Treacle Tart

Pastry lining
170g Self raising flour
1/4cup milk
85g butter
half egg
pinch salt
Mix butter into sifted flour and then form dough with milk, 1/2 egg and salt. Knead lightly and put in frig 1 hour.

2 cups golden syrup (450ml)
2 and 1/2 cps fresh breadcrumbs

Top pastry
100g butter
1/4 cup castor sugar
half an egg
170g SR flour
1 egg to gild tart and 2tsp castor sugar
Cream butter and sugar, add half beaten egg and when thoroughly combined fold in sifted flour.
Chill in frig.

Roll out bottom pastry to 25cm circle. LIne flan ring on greased tray. Prick base with fork.
Mix together breadcrumbs and syrup and fill pastry case.
Roll out top pastry and place on top.
Brush rim with egg white, press edges together. Prick surface.
Sprinkle with castor sugar and bake 20mins at 180°.
Remove and allow to cool. 
Reheat after 1 hour at 120°C for 5 mins, and serve with whipped cream.